31th of July 2011 - Wasabi 360

We are about to release a Xbox 360 product.

The official website can be found at www.wasabi360.com
Enjoy  this new innovation by Team Wasabi, and head over to the website for more info!

22nd of December 2009 - Firmware 3.0 final available

After one week in beta test, we're happy to announce that firmware 3.0 for Wasabi V1, V2, V3, Zero and DX is now labelled final. Users that already upgraded to 3.0 Beta don't need to upgrade again.

As many of you already know, we're strong advocates of DVD upgrades vs JTAG upgrades, and we think that it's even more important today for plug & play chips than it was yesterday for soldered ones. Once you have installed a chip, you should be able to perform DVD upgrades, regardless of any new protection surfaces. We spent a great deal of time designing a very clean and flexible architecture for Wasabi DX that allows us to update its core microcode from DVD while providing a zero-latency experience to users.

As it's hard to know which chip is really DVD upgradable just by looking at their descriptions (which could be misleading), here is a small comparison chart featuring all the last-gen chips. We hope it makes it easier to compare...

modchip comparison chart

The whole Wasabi Team wishes every Wasabi customer new and old a Merry Christmas. Special thanks and seasons greetings to our distributors and supporters around the globe! See you in 2010 with futher announcements! :)

15th of December 2009 - New firmwares for the entire Wasabi family

UPDATE: A tool to patch the NSMB backup with corresponding BCA data is now available in the Downloads section.

For the past few weeks we've been working hard on a fix for the new BCA protection used by games such as NSMB. As Wasabi DX not only supports regular plug&play install but also 6 wires install, we decided not to release anything until we had a fix for both modes. What we didn't expect were the many problems we faced implementing the fix for 6 wires mode, that took much more time than expected to solve. In the future we plan to release separate upgrades for DX and other Wasabi models to avoid such delays, as requested by many of you.

Now for the good news. New firmwares for every Wasabi versions are now available in the Downloads section. We're proud to be the first team to release a fix for old non plug&play chips as well.

Whilst all other last-gen chips surprisingly require a JTAG upgrade, Wasabi DX owners just need to perform a DVD upgrade once to fix the issue. For your info JTAG upgrade means you need to open your console, buy a programmer, or even send your chip back to your reseller to have it upgraded. At best, you must connect an external programmer to your console if it was provided with your purchase. There's absolutely no way to justify that except rushed design.

While others are marketing their chip as such, Wasabi DX is clearly the only fully DVD upgradable last generation chip. We don't have a crystal ball, but add to this the fact that it was well known that BCA checks could be performed amongst other still unused checks (see our post from the 19th of February 2008), we really believe that it won't be any different next time an upgrade is required, see you then :)

Games using the new BCA protection must be patched by adding the content of their BCA at offset $100 in the ISO. We chose this offset because after the modrobert post it became the de-facto scene standard, most other chips using this offset and most other patches we have seen use it as well. Technically it is also very easy to make that area stealth and implementation of the fix isn't overly complicated in 6 wires mode.

Wasabi DX Firmware 3.0 BETA for the entire Wasabi family is now available in the Downloads section. This is beta, so please wait a few days if you'd like the safety of a final release! Please note that if you upgrade your console to firmware 4.2+, you'll lose the ability to run games from other regions. This is not a problem with Wasabi rather this is a limitation of the latest Wii firmware that is currently not bypassed by any chip.

2nd of April 2009 - Wasabi DX Announcement

Up until now, before ordering or stocking a chip, one had to consider the various tradeoffs between the new Plug & Play modchips (such as Wasabi DX) and the traditional ones (such as Wasabi Zero). This is due to the fact that the two kinds of chips use radically different technology. The other brands are in the same situation, it is not specific to Wasabi.

What would you think about getting a free Wasabi Zero with every Wasabi DX purchased?

In fact it's even better than that. Wasabi DX has been designed since the very beginning as a dual core chip, yet only one of the cores was in use until now. We have been working hard since DX launch and today we're proud to introduce Wasabi DX Firmware 2.0. This firmware unleashes the power of the second DX core, and allows you to install your Wasabi DX either using the regular DX installation method, or using Wasabi Zero installation method (5/6 wires or using the Wasabi solderless adpater).

Yes, this what the unused solder points and the unused connector on the board are here for. The new firmware automatically detects what installation method you chose. Using Zero installation method, your chip behaves like a real Wasabi Zero and is compatible with all Wasabi Zero Upgrades & Configuration Discs starting from 1.4B.

It means little change for most end users. Wasabi DX is still as easy to install and as powerful as before. But for resellers, installers and users that want to get the best performances their drive can offer, it can make a big difference. And it makes our chip more future-proof than any other.

Wasabi DX Firmware 2.0 BETA is now available in the Downloads section. A final release should be available soon, stay tuned!

13th of March 2009 - Wasabi DX Upgrade 1.2

We've got reports that some original games, such as SMG or SSBB, didn't work correctly with previous firmwares, giving an error message instead of running. The bug has been identified and fixed in firmware 1.2. You can find the upgrade disc in the Downloads section. Other improvements are also included in this firmware. We strongly recommend every Wasabi DX owner to upgrade.

11th of March 2009 - Wasabi DX gets reviewed

Wasabi is now in hands of customers, and first reviews are starting to appear. Wondering about how our product performs in comparison to other solutions? Check out brakken's ISO-420 review of Wasabi DX that also includes screenshots of the built-in configuration menu and upgrade disc. A video detailing the installation process available here courtesy of ConsoleChips. French users can also have a look at xavbox review in french.

8th of March 2009 - Wasabi DX Installation Instructions & Upgrade 1.1

As resellers will start receiving stock of Wasabi DX tomorrow, the installation instructions can now be found in the Downloads section. We also added an upgrade disc that adds support for multi-game discs and fixes an annoying bug that slipped into production version due to a last minute change in the code, sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Added multi-game disc support
  • Various improvements
Here is a picture of the production unit. Stay tuned for more news... :)

5th of March 2009 - Wasabi DX now shipping!

Wasabi DX is now shipping. The final feature list has been updated, and more is to be expected in the future thanks to DVD upgrades!
  • Plug and play solderless installation on ALL consoles (DMS, D2A, D2B, D2C, D2C2, D2E, epoxy D2E and D2nothing/D3 drives)
  • Build-in configuration menu (reset console then press 3 times eject)
  • Configurable Auto-boot option
  • Configurable Wii Update Blocker to avoid bricking
  • Works with SMG and SSBB and other problematic games
  • Fully upgradable from DVD
  • Configuration Disc
  • 16Mbit (2MBytes) embedded Flash memory for firmware usage
  • Hardware Flash recovery mode
  • JTAG connector
  • Excellent media compatibility (supports DL media)
In other news, brakken made a great review of Wasabi Zero, the only truly solderless solution for DMS to D2E drives featuring 6X drive speed and GC audio fix. Click on the banner below to read it!

26th of January 2009 - Announcing Wasabi DX

We are proud to announce Wasabi DX, the ultimate solution for D2nothing/D3 drives!
  • Plug and play installation on DMS, D2A, D2B, D2C, D2C2, D2E, epoxy D2E and D2nothing/D3 drives
  • Fully upgradable from DVD
  • Configuration Disc
  • 16Mbit embedded Flash memory for firmware usage
  • Recovery mode
  • JTAG connector
Full feature list will be available soon. Wasabi DX is the first and only fully universal, plug and play and upgradable solution available for your Wii ! Like any other D2nothing/D3 solution, and unlike Wasabi Zero, read drive speed is currently limited to 3X.

Soon to be released, stay tuned!

25th of January 2009 - Wasabi Zero Installation Video

Wasabi Zero was released a couple of weeks ago and is available from most of our resellers in both solder and solderless version. For those who are wondering how easy it is to install it, check out this installation video courtesy of gmodz.ca. It couldn't be easier!

Our D2nothing/D3 solution will be announced really soon. However Wasabi Zero remains the best solution for DMS, D2A, D2B, D2C, D2C2 and D2E drives as it doesn't have any of the drawbacks of D2nothing solutions (slower read speed, no audio fix). Stay tuned!

1st of December 2008 - Introducing Wasabi Zero

Say hello to the brand new Wasabi Zero !

Wasabi Zero is fully compatible with original Wasabi. However, the new Wasabi Zero has been vastly improved in the following ways:

Easy installation - It has never been easier to install a Wii modchip. Connect the solderless adapter to the chip using the connector, plug it on the drive chip, and start playing. Alternatively, solder version is also available for those who wish to do a regular installation (5 or 6 wires depending on drive version, no pin soldering required).

Quality - Wasabi V2 and V3 have been known to most installers as the most solid chips on the market. Wasabi Zero will be no exception and features a thicker PCB, ultra-clean routing and a solid wide pitch connector for the solderless adapter.

Flexibility - As Wasabi Zero is fully compatible with the original Wasabi, they share the same firmware and you'll get all the usual benefits including proven Drivecode, DVD Updates and Configuration Disc. But that's not all. Wasabi Zero can be fully reprogrammed using JTAG.

Price - The only complaint we've got from users regarding original Wasabi has been its price. We reworked our price structure, you'll be able to get the ultimate chip for a very reasonable price.

By releasing the original Wasabi without JTAG, we made it clear that users should not require external programmers, and that they can fully update their chip using DVD, and we still stand by this philosophy. Still, JTAG upgradability is something that installers kept asking for, to manage their stock without fear of a new drive revision. It is for them that we included this feature.

The first batch of Wasabi Zero is currently being manufactured. Release date will be announced soon, stay tuned!

31st of October 2008 - Upgrade & Config Disc 1.4 beta

Upgrade Disc 1.4 is now available, packed with great new features ! After upgrading, you could use the same disc to enter a configuration menu that lets you enable/disable Wii Region Free, GC Audio Fix, Update blocker and allows you to change drive read speed.

Most of those options should speak for themselves. When Update Blocker (Imports) is turned on and an import disc that contains an update is inserted, the update partition will be ignored. Enable it if you want to avoid any duplicate channel or brick problem due to an incompatible Wii update, but still want to play games from other regions. The same thing happens when Update Blocker (Domestic) is turned on, except that it targets discs of the same region as the Wii. Use that one if you want to avoid any System Menu update.

Others improvements are described in the README.TXT file. Now available in the Downloads section!

16th of October 2008 - Upgrade Disc 1.3

You can now find the Upgrade Disc 1.3 in the Downloads section. This upgrade addresses a very rare stability issue with D2E drives that was reported to us. No need to upgrade if your install works fine! And be sure to read the README.TXT file before upgrading.

In other news, we have a configuration disc almost ready for Wasabi, so stay tuned!

6th of August 2008 - Sticker issue

We are aware that due to a factory mistake, some Wasabi D2E were shipped with old D2C2 sticker. All future shipments will have correct sticker. Resellers know exactly what version they have in stock, even if it came with the wrong sticker. We apologize for the inconvenience.

17th of July 2008 - Upgrade Disc 1.2 BETA released !

As promised, you can now find the Upgrade Disc 1.2 BETA in the Downloads section. Here is a list of changes:
  • Added D2E support (Wasabi rev.2 only)
  • Fixed slow reset-to-spinning time problem that existed on some rare installs
  • Various drivecode improvements for all drive versions (DMS, D2B, D2C, D2C2)
Be sure to read the README.TXT file before upgrading.

8th of July 2008 - D2E compatible version now shipping !

The first batch of D2E compatible Wasabi chips just left the factory today. It should reach the first resellers by the end of the week. It's using VQ100 FPGA packaging and you can differenciate it with the sticker shown above. Wasabi has been the first universal modchip released after the introduction of D2C drives, and once again we're proud to be the first team to offer a chip compatible with DMS, D2B, D2C, D2C2 and D2E drives.

Installers with a stock of rev.2 Wasabi shouldn't worry about it. A DVD Upgrade will be released next week that allows any D2C2 compatible Wasabi to be upgraded to the D2E compatible version using an old drive. No external programmer required, the update can be run on drives from DMS to D2C2. Here are a couple of videos demonstrating this update process, and a picture of a Wasabi rev.2 updated to work on D2E, courtesy of OZmodchips.

Video 1 Video 2 Video 3

2nd of July 2008 - Revision 2 - VQ100 now shipping - Rock Solid.

We're switching back to VQ100 FPGA packaging ! That means the new Wasabi revision 2 chips use the same PCB layout as revision 1, but it have a "D2C2 compatible" sticker to differentiate them (picture coming soon). We must stress that the electrical characteristics of this chip are 100% similar to BGA-based Wasabi rev. 2, including passive values, LDO, FPGA I/O code, etc. and we spent countless hours testing it so you can really count on its stability.

For those who want the long story, a couple of months ago there has been a worldwide shortage of Actel chips. That's why you have seen our competitors switching between A3P125 and A3P250 FPGA instead of the usual (cheaper) A3P060. We had to switch to BGA packaging to get stock, and made a new corresponding PCB layout (using the exact same schematics). But now we're able to switch back to VQ100 which is much easier to handle in terms of manufacturing and quality control.

To sum up, revision 2 now exists in two flavors (VQ100 and BGA), but they are identical regarding functionnality and stability. If you already received such a chip and were worried about it, we hope it now makes things clear!

30th of June 2008 - D2E already hacked!

Did you hear about the new D2E drive? We've only got a couple of reports of those drives seen in the wild so you don't need to worry about them yet, but they have been spotted at different places. They are the successors of D2C2 drives and the the curious may be wondering if this new drive is a reaction to Wasabi's 9-wire patching method. There's one way to know for sure, that is dumping the firmware and look at the build date to see if it was created before or after Wasabi diagrams :

So D2E firmware was created on the 12th of February 2008. Wasabi diagrams were released on the 19th of February... Do we really need to say more? :)

Update: Wii and GC backups are now running :)

Stay tuned!

17th of June 2008

Korean users can find a new DVD upgrade in the Downloads section. Thanks to this update, all revisions of Wasabi now support Korea Wii Region, but because the vast majority of them use a D2C2 drive we suggest Korean users to get a D2C2 compatible chip (as shown below).

The Korean Wii doesn't have a GC mode so this upgrade is GUI-less. Still, Wasabi is the first and only chip on the market that is DVD upgradable on Korean Wii! The installation diagram was also updated with the proper setup on Korean Wii.

We're still working on an upgrade for all regions with cool new features, we'll have more info soon, stay tuned!

4th of June 2008

We started to ship the new D2C2-compatibe revision of Wasabi today (see news below), resellers should start getting stock by the end of the week. The installation procedure is exactly the same, simply use the D2C diagram for both D2C and D2C2 installs!

26th of May 2008

Say hello to the brand new Wasabi!

No revolution here, but while other teams were busy trying to duplicate our 9 wire solution, we spent countless hours testing and improving the electrical design of our chip. This is to avoid the need of installation tweaks with rare "noisy" drives... and we're very proud of the result! We can safely say that we have created the most robust 9 wires chip on the market. Of course this new revision is 100% upgrade, pinout and feature compatible with the previous one.

The only other bonus is that it is fully compatible with the new D2C2 drive chipset (a.k.a. "Unmoddable D2C", md5sum a60cd3d6a4949db26add1580ba1be526) that is common in Korea and started to appear in other countries in May 2008. That means that even if you bought your Wii in May 2008 or later on, you know for sure that our chip will be compatible with it. And we even added some D2C/D2C2 auto-detection mechanism to make installer's life easier.

Soon to be released, stay tuned!

19th of February 2008

Welcome to our brand new website! After months of hard work we're proud to present what we belive is by far the best Wii modchip out there.

Wasabi is not your typical Wii drivechip. Apart from all the usual features you'd expect from any good chip (including a working built-in GC audiofix), it sets new standards on many points:
  • It's the first chip that works on all drives, from DMS to latest D2C drives (including GC2-D1A).
  • It's the first D2C compatible chip that is upgradable from DVD.
  • It's the easiest chip to install on D2C: only 9 wires, only 3 of them connected to a pin/via.
  • It's the easiest chip to install on DMS and D2B as well: No need to use a dremel or super-glue with "cut-pin" drives, and there's no pin/via to solder even with the latest D2B boards.
  • It's the first D2C compatible chip that is as clean as DMS/D2B drivechips: full control over the drive's firmware, no physical patching on the lines while the games are running. That means perfect stability, more control, and no stress on the drive's components.
  • Best of all, it's the first chip to include a decent amount of flash memory (128KB) for firmware and data storage.

modchip comparison chart

Did you know that current ISO dumpers are currently missing a few KB of data stored in the barcode (BCA) and lead-in area ? This "extra" data could be read by the console and used to detect chips. SMG and SSBB are the first games to call one of the related drive commands, without interpreting the data yet. We take that as a warning. Thanks to on-board memory, the "extra" data of your whole game collection could be stored on the chip itself if that becomes necessary. The flash memory is also used to store the drivecode and could store patches and Wii/GC binaries in the future.

The first batch of wasabi will be shipped to retailers on the second week of March. Have a look at our product page for more info!